Fixer-Uppers: Myths & Facts 

Is a fixer upper right for you?

Is a fixer-upper right for you to buy as your next home or investment property? You will want to do some homework before you commit to a project like this.
Many home buyers will consider a fixer upper as an option when their buy their next home. One of the primary reasons is housing affordability. Who wouldn’t want a deal when buying a home? It is always wise to explore the details along the way when making this kind of decision.
As an investment purchase for flipping, as a rental or to fix and live in are all great ways to increase your wealth. Whether short term or long term each involve different strategies and require specific steps. Our team can provide the advice you need based on the goals you have.
If you are just starting out on this journey the last thing you want is a romanticized version of the process and end up experiencing an unpleasant and hard reality.
Fixer uppers can be a great opportunity but being prepared, having the facts and financial numbers in critical to a positive outcome.
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