10 Secrets to know when buying new construction in Brant County, Paris and Brantford

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This special report identifies 10 Secrets to know when buying new construction in Brant County, Paris and Brantford and includes buyer advantages many builders will not tell you about.

The majority of homes for sale are resales but about 1 in 4 buyers will buy new construction as their primary property or as a real estate investment.
Is it better to buy a resale home or a newly build home? What are the pros and cons of buying from a local builder vs a major builder?
Both resale homes and new construction homes offer advantages and disadvantages. A previously owned home may be less expensive on average than a new construction home, and they generally, have more amenities than new construction. Established neighbourhoods with more mature trees and, sidewalks, and amenities such as stores and schools. Resale homes typically are more developed inside and out with many having existing finished basements and landscaped yards etc.

New construction homes offer modern improvements and up to date building techniques that meet building codes. Learn about Brant County building codes at https://www.brant.ca/en/building-and-renovating/building-and-renovating.aspx and Brantford building codes at https://www.brantford.ca/en/business-and-development/building-and-construction.aspx

New construction also offers the most up to date floor plans, features and décor. Fixtures such as the furnace and central air conditioner will have the most current energy ratings, and choices of options and upgrades. Everything in the home is new.

Deciding on a resale home or new construction in Brant and surrounding area can depend on your finances, family composition and your timing. Most buyers will give consideration to both options when deciding to make a move or purchase real estate for investment.

There are advantages to both options. If you are thinking of buying a new construction home in Brant County, Brantford and surrounding area, order our free special report today to learn more before visiting your first model home.


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