Linda Milke
Since early childhood, Linda has been recognized as a creative person with a love for fashion, art, decorating and design. Her relocation from British Columbia to Ontario - and every province in-between - has resulted in the transformation of 20 homes.  She is proud to say that, when it came time to sell, each one sold quickly and at top dollar. This success, as indicated by each real estate agent, was largely due to her decorating and staging expertise.
After serving in the charitable sector for several years, Linda made the decision to take her skills and experience to fulfill her long-time dream of starting her own business.  DzignWorks is now a reality!


Decluttering & Organizing

Are you short on time due to work or family commitments?  Are you transitioning to another home? Not sure where to start?  We can help.  We will be happy to provide an honest evaluation in a respectful manner – and if you decide to use our services, we will provide a cost breakdown for your consideration.

Home Staging/Decorating

Are you looking to sell or rent your home?  Staged homes create an unforgettable first impression that will set your home apart in a competitive market.  Though we love using furniture and décor items that our clients already have, it is often necessary to add or replace pieces to ensure that your home appeals to a larger audience and results in a quicker sale and a premium price.  We can facilitate the rental of - or help you purchase furniture and décor – to ensure that these results are attained.  Call us for a consultation.  Together, we can work out a plan and cost breakdown.

Facilitating Distribution of Unneeded Items, Movers and Packing Assistance

We can also help facilitate the distribution and/or sale of unwanted furniture so that a move from a current



1.    Emotionally detach
2.    Depersonalize
3.    Declutter
4.    Invest in kitchens, bathrooms & master bedroom
5.    Make necessary repairs
6.    Choose a neutral colour if refreshing walls 
7.    Maximize curb appeal
8.    Keep pet spaces clean/odourless
9.    Clean like you've never cleaned before
10.    Hire a home-stager to help you accomplish these *

Contact Linda for a consultation - $50 - $100 per hour (price dependant on travel time required for visit to your home).
* According to, statistics show that "home staging can decrease the time on market of a home by 30-50% and deliver a selling price that is 6-20% higher than a home that is vacant or not properly staged."






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Linda Milke 
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